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Battle to the Death

weapon of choice: jpgs and gifs

Battle of Death: Utter and Rabid War of Images
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Looking for comfort, hope, the answer to life? Here you may choose only the latter, for comfort and hope turn your back and look elsewhere. This is a stormy place with high cliffs and leering gargoyles, only the brave dare to tread this ground.

Ask your questions or share your revelations, and watch as those seeking the truth do battle to discern it.

Or join in and make war yourself. Arm yourself at images.google.com then jump in the fray.

why the hell am i talking like this? anyway...

The Rules:
-make a post asking a question or stating some sort of observation that could conceivably start a good thread
-(or just) help add to the thread/conversation by finding applicable images at images.google.com or other places.
-DO NOT reply with words, or at least not with words only - make sure an image is the main aspect of your comment
-when you add to the thread, select MAKE NEW COMMENT, rather than replying to the one before it
-if you're making a new post and it is not work safe, put it behind an LJ cut
( < lj-cut text="blah blah blah"> without the space after the < )
-you can reply with NWS pictures, but if it's too bad (ie, more than just a naked butt) try to put a warning at least in the comment subject, so those of us at work can practice careful scrolling
-the goal here is humor, whether witty or absurd, polite or vulgar... do not select an image only because it shares some similar trait or another to the one before it. we want content, not an exercise in kindgergarten connections between color, shapes and patterns.
-when one of the mods (wuzzle or yattaboe decides a certain thread has reached a good stopping point, we will post the Frozen stamp. this means the thread is over and the last poster won that particular battle of death. everyone else is dead. like a dog. until the next post.

the stamp looks like this:

To post an image:
1. find one on the internet. images.google.com is a good way to find all sorts of stuff.
2. on the post you want to reply to, click "Post A New Comment."
3. use the html tag <*img src = www.image.com/stuff.jpg*> only remove the *'s of course and replace www.image.com/stuff.jpg with the URL (web address) of the image you wish to use.